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Our extensive research has shown that doctors looking to capitalize on the lucrative and rewarding area of medicolegal work rarely have the time or resources to promote their expertise in an effective manner.
Frequently working long and unsociable hours and lacking the marketing prowess of a large commercial organization the sole consultant often relies on word of mouth to gain medicolegal referrals which, although a valuable promotional tool, rarely achieves the success one requires.
Medical Expert Witnesses
Over the last few years the number of Medical Reporting Organizations (MRO's) in the medicolegal market has flourished capitalizing on the legal profession's increasing demand for expert witnesses on cases of litigation such as personal injury and clinical negligence.
They offer solicitors a choice from a national panel of expert medical witnesses and clinicians from a variety of disciplines in addition to enhanced payment terms which is particularly attractive for conditional 'no-win-no-fee' type cases.
Taking time out of a busy schedule to promote their services across an array of organizations across the World wide web and to solicitors directly is rarely seen as a viable option. Building that all important 'reputation' therefore can be a slow progress.
At Medico  Legal  Marketing we  firmly  believe that MRO's  offer the  prospective medico legal consultant  the most effective route to market in the industry today.  For a one off registration fee we will work on your behalf to register your details with in excess of forty medico legal agencies in the market.
Quite simply incredible value.
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